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Unforgettable: Creative Ways You Can Personalize Gifts for Any Occasion

Coming up with gift ideas can be difficult, so we have compiled some of our most popular, unique gifts that are thoughtful and personal.

The client provided the stones, sea glass, sand, and memories.  We did the rest by adding some ocean tone resin and their favorite vacation beach.
Personalized Ocean Tray

Sentimental Sand:

Maybe you went on a romantic getaway, girls weekend, or a family vacation and took home a jar of sand. We can turn that sandy memory into artwork, trinket dishes, pendants, bookmarks, ornaments, coasters, and more.

Name It:

Take a gift item such as a tray, serving board, or wall decor and kick it up a notch with hand-burned or painted name. These items are great for an engagement, wedding, birthday, housewarming, or teacher gift.

Picture It:

Take a meaningful photo and turn it into art. We can create digital line art or wood burns based on your photos.

Digital Line Art Created from Photo
Digital Art from Photo

Personalized birthday gift with wood burn of iconic Brooklyn view of the Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Stool

Lyrics & Images:

Add your favorite quote or lyric to a meaningful art and decor.

A line from their wedding song was included in this personalized wood burn with colored glass and personalization.
Wedding Anniversary

I hand-painted the scene to go along with lyrics from his favorite Bruce song.
His Favorite Bruce Springsteen Lyric

These clients picked song lyrics from wedding songs, but you can pick any memorable favorite lines or quotes for anniversary and birthday gifts.

This anniversary gift painted on wood boards was a special treat featuring all of their favorite things.
Cape May Is Their Spot, Bruce is Their Musician

Mark the Spot:

We all have special places that we'd like to mark or commemorate. We have created hand-burned states and country outlines with the city or state marked with a heart or star for our "Where the Heart Is" series.

Additionally, Irish Road Signs are some of our most popular items, marking the distance between 2 significant spots here and abroad. All are great for the holiday season, a moving gift, or a housewarming.

Capture the distance between 2 places with this personalized, painted wooden Irish Road Sign
Irish Road Signs

Signature Items:

Hand-crafted wooden flag complete with personalized signature
His Birth Country, His Signature

Literally, these handwritten signature pieces are a great way to capture that special someone's handwriting on anything from a flag to an ornament. The possibilities are endless.

We lifted the handwriting from an old card and incorporated it into this special keepsake ornament.
Handwriting Ornament


Ornaments have always been a special gift, serving to commemorate a special person, milestone, place, or memory and can be enjoyed year-round. Below are some of our post popular ones, some of which are made from Margaret's original artwork. You can personalize a beach ornament with a town name, mark the distance between 2 places in a mini road sign, or keep a loved one close with a cardinal ornament. The possibilities are endless - just ask us! More coming as the holiday season unfolds.

Keep Calm and Gift On...

See our other custom work on our portfolio page. We get some of our best suggestions from our clients, so if you don't see what you're looking for or need help with ideas, just reach out to us:

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We thank you all for shopping small with us. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring joy to loved ones.

~Kevin and Margaret

@Murphy Wood Art


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