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His & Hers: A Marriage of Styles

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As a husband and wife duo, they often get asked who creates the work. Sometimes, it's "him." Sometimes, it's "her." Sometimes, it's both. Here's how 2 styles have come together to offer an eclectic range of art.


Kevin is more linear and structured, focusing on more complex woodworking.

Process Shot of Mountain Art
"In the Works"

Mountain Art with Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise

He started off making furniture, such as Adirondack chairs and tables, and then ventured into various types of flags and mountain decor.

Client Photo of Flag
Client Photo of Flag

Barrel Ring Art
Barrel Ring Art

Common Tools & Materials: T-square, ruler, blow torch, grinder, clamps, and a chopsaw.

Trademark Features: 90-degree angles, sharp corners, oak, & barrel rings.

Go-To Products: Krylon Spray Paint, Old Masters Polyurethane, Minwax Water Stains, and bottle opener hardware.

Workshop Style: A place for everything and everything in its place. A clean shop is a good shop.

Process shot of barrel flag
Barrel Flag in the Making


Margaret is more fluid and organic, focusing on detailed art and color.

Acrylic fluid art on canvas
"Splash" (Acrylic on Canvas)

She started painting at a young age and circled back to art at various points in her life. After drifting away from it while her kids were little, it became a welcomed respite during the days of COVID. Once the creative faucet was opened up again, it couldn't be quelled. She then branched out into different mediums including burn art and resin, eventually combining multiple mediums.

Wood Burning and Resin Combination
Wood Burned Octopus with Ocean Resin

When you see curved, organic lines with nebulous edges and fluid form, that's likely one of her pieces. "I start off with a general idea of what I want to create, but I often end up going in a different direction than planned, and that's the fun of it. Sometimes the pieces don't work out as I had hoped, but when they do, it's magic."

Ocean resin art on wood - Seahorse Art
"Seahorse at Play" (acrylic and resin on wood)

Sunrise over resin waters

Common Tools & Materials: Wood panels, canvas, burn pen, hair dryer (for fluid art), resin, respirator mask, paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor), band saw, crushed glass, & metallic foils.

Margaret with her piece, "Morning Has Broken"
"Morning Has Broken"

Trademark Features: Curved lines, the occasional sparkle or metallic, organic edges, bright colors (especially blues), gloss finishes, mixed media including crushed glass, wood, sand, & sea glass.

Wood-Burning a Logo
Wood-Burned Logo

Go-To Products: Dremel Versatool, TotalBoat Resin, Razertip & Tekchic Wood Burners, Liquitex and Amsterdam Paints

Daisies, poppies, and lupine on wood
"Daisy a Day" (Acrylic on Wood)

Workshop Style: Organized chaos (at best).

Joining Forces

With roots in canvas art, Margaret started painting and burning wood due to Kevin's influence.

Eventually, the two started collaborating. One of the first projects they did together was a set of painted Adirondack chairs featuring Margaret's favorite iconic painting, Starry Night. That was on March 10, 2020, days before the lockdown.

"Starry Night" Adirondack Chairs
"Starry Night" Adirondack Chairs

They had no idea what was about to unfold, for better or for worse.

Then came a commission that Kevin could only bring so far: an American/Argentinian/Irish flag. Kevin built the 5'x3' piece and handed it off to Margaret for the hand-painted detail.

Margaret add the "Sun of May" to the Argentinian Flag
Margaret Hand Paints the "Sun of May"

"I was scared to death to mess up this huge, beautiful piece he made," said Margaret, "but he said there was no other option."

He encouraged her saying, "Worse case scenario, we sand it off and repaint it." But that wasn't necessary. And so the collaborations began, first with paint, then with resin.

"Sun of May" on the Argentinian Flag
"Sun of May" on the Argentinian Flag

"Milky Way" Resin Mountain Art
"Milky Way" Resin Mountain Art

For Kevin's linear mountainscapes, he wanted to add another element, so Margaret completed some with resin skies, which opened up a whole new category of possibilities and color schemes. "What's nice about those is that you have uniformly angled, rustic wood against a wild, high-gloss sky." It's the perfect fusion of their 2 styles.

They are no strangers to creative differences or the challenges that come with marriage, raising kids, and/or running a business. As they say, the couple that fights over oak scraps is the couple that stays together. That said, they are enjoying the opportunity to channel their creativity, show their kids what it means to hustle, and give people a little piece of their joy through their work.

Art Sale at Street Fair
Margaret & Kevin

Hudson River - Nyack, NY
Margaret and Kevin Enjoy the Hudson River Views


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