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"Reflecting on 4 Years of Creativity: A Journey of Collaboration and Growth"

Updated: Mar 25

March 19, 2024 - Four years ago, we announced the launch of our brand, Murphy Wood Art, and so began a business partnership that has continued and grown since (pictured below).

Beginnings of a business
Our Brand Launch March 2020

As we prepared to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, we also celebrated our 4th “Art-i-versary,” allowing us to celebrate another milestone while honoring their Irish heritage, an influence evident in much of our work.


As with our marriage, it’s a win each time we can say we weathered another year of challenges and enjoyed working towards our goals together. 


Our art and woodworking business began gradually, but it really “took root” right before the pandemic when we started working together.


Hand-carved Garden Stumps
Garden Stumps
Handcrafted Flags
Some of the 1st Flags

Kevin had been woodworking as a hobby in the years prior, and I have been a lifelong art enthusiast. I saw an opportunity to apply what I know while also expanding my craft in a new, unique way. When I heard about the lockdown, I stocked up on some extra art supplies to get me through those "2 weeks." As the pandemic unfolded, we continued exploring the possibilities while juggling the demands of our 3 children, homeschooling, other jobs, and a household.

Our 1st Holiday Season

 It wasn’t an easy time for anyone, but the shift in time demands allowed us to pursue something new. When Kevin found a slew of the pieces I had made stuffed under the couch, he nudged me to post them to our new social media pages. Reluctantly, I did and sold one of my first pieces, this small glass wave, to a woman who has become one of our longest, most loyal clients.

Small Glass Wave
One of the 1st Sales

Together, we joined forces and began collaborating on pieces while also pursuing our own individual styles and mediums.

Starry Night Adirondack Chairs
Starry Night Adirondack Chairs

American Argentinian Irish Flag
Hand-painting the final details on this XL American Argentinian Irish Flag

While I worked across an expanding lineup of mediums including woodburning, resin, acrylic, and resin, Kevin created custom flags, signs, and mountain art. When he got this custom order flag, he needed a hand-painted sun for the Argentinian section, and that was one of our first collaborations. While often create independently, we also fuse our complementary styles to bring something unique to the forefront.

Since then, our work progressed, and we expanded mediums, styles, and offerings. This year, our line evolved to include print items using our original artwork and graphic art for individuals and local businesses.

In January 2024, our work was featured in a month-long solo exhibit at the Pearl River Public Library which culminated in a reception attended by nearly a hundred of our clients, followers, and supporters.

That exhibit was a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase our work in a public space to a new audience. Plus, it was an incredible to see how our family, clients, and friends showed up for us literally and figuratively.

Thankfully, our work and story have been featured by News12 Hudson Valley, Rockland County Times, Hudson Valley Magazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine, Shoutout Colorado, Irish Star, and Redfin.  The expanding press coverage has brought our work and story to more and more people.

We could not have done any of this without your business, referrals, support, and encouragement. You are the reason we have made it to this point and, for that, we humbly thank you!

- Kevin & Margaret

Murphy Wood Art
Kevin & Margaret in Pearl River, NY (2024)


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