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"Do More of What Makes You Happy"

My friend gave me this mug, and even though the handle unfortunately broke, it's still one of our favorites because the message is an eternal reminder.

It's so easy to get swept up in the unrelenting pace & pressure of working multiple jobs, raising kids involved in sports, music, and activities, all while keeping up with a business and being mindful of what matters most. The school year is extremely busy for us - as it is for all families - so we really try to be especially intentional with our time in the summers, knowing that this time with our kids is fleeting.

We know "slowing down" comes at a cost, but so does NOT doing so. So this summer, we have the good fortune to sit in nature, have coffee on the porch, spend time with our kids, and get some creative inspiration.

We have also celebrated our wedding anniversary, created some art, smoked some meat, and made some damn good memories.

Stepping back is needed - especially for creatives - to refuel, regroup, and reevaluate.

We realize we are fortunate to have work that is flexible, allowing us to pivot, ramp up, and slow down as needed.

We are always doing something, and luckily, they are usually things we love, both personally and professionally.

Even if it's only small moments, a day here or there, or a sip of air in between work and obligations, we'll take every moment possible.

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