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Client Photos

We love seeing our pieces in their forever spots, so share your photos with us & be featured in our gallery!

Client Reviews

The Regal Beagle.png

"We recently remodeled our living room and this vintage inspired mountain piece just spoke to us!  It arrived very quickly, Kevin was a dream to work with, and it looks gorgeous!"


-Kelsey S.

The Regal Beagle

Warm toned retro mountain wood art wrapped in wooden frame.

"THE CRAFTMANSHIP!!! I purchased the phoenix wooden piece and it is a stunning piece of craftsmanship! Margaret clearly thought out every detail - the toes are etched with detail - THE TOES!!! I am so excited to have found such gifted artisans that I can support! I cannot wait to gift beautiful pieces to my loved ones!!" - Bethany F. 

Vintage Time Piece.png

Vintage Time Piece

VW Van with surfboard embellished with metal gears to mirror sentiment of Foo Fighters' song lyric.

"I...couldn’t love my sign more!  It’s amazing and Kevin was so kind, knowledgeable and informative throughout the entire process of creating my first piece of wood art.  When I picked this up I saw other people’s projects, and I cannot wait to browse the site and see what else is available.  I am SO SO SO happy with the results..."  -Gaby E. 

Phoenix Rising
Wood burned phoenix wrapped in a reclaimed wooden frame.  

"I loved my gift so much! Thank you for making this memorable and beautiful piece!"  - Christine Z. 

Crushed Glass Wave

"Want to again thank Kevin for this great ski chair!  It’s literally made of memories of fun times spent with family!" –Megan F. 

"So excited about my first original Murphy Wood Art piece by Margaret.  It's absolutely stunning.  The glasswork brings amazing dimension and texture.  Can't wait to hang this statement piece at the beach house!"

-Colleen D.


"Kevin took a sketch my wife threw together, the name of our friend came up with and created this one of a kind masterpiece!  I have been working on a 30x45 ice rink in my yard since September.  For those who know me, you know I haven’t picked up my tools in 18 years.  This sign is an honor and the best gift I have received.  Kevin, thank you for honoring this retired detective. " - Stephen G. 

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