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Forward March for The Murphys As We Celebrate Our 3rd Art-i-versary

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

March is a special month for many with Irish heritage, but for us, this time of year is particularly special. One of our favorite months, March signals the impending spring and commences rounds of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which allow us to truly enjoy and honor our Irish heritage, an influence you see in much of our work.

March also marks the anniversary of a venture we began nearly 3 years ago when we launched Murphy Wood Art amidst the pandemic, joining forces beyond our usual scope of parenting and running a household in Pearl River, NY.

Formerly, our teamwork centered around raising our kids and balancing our respective careers, but we found out our skills complemented each other creatively as well.

Kevin, a woodworking enthusiast, built furniture, Adirondack chairs, and other items. As he got more skilled and gained interest from friends and family, he branched out to other items such as wooden signs, flags, and unique mountain art.

Having worked in various mediums since childhood including watercolors, oil, and acrylic, I was inspired by what Kevin was doing and saw an opportunity to collaborate and expand my craft. Though not every husband is willing to share his woodshop and teach his wife how to use power tools, Kevin did, and I learned to translate my skills to wood, often incorporating other textures, such as glass, stones, resin, and metal.

Sometimes, we create independently, while other times we collaborate on pieces to bring our styles together.

We started selling our work online and at local vendor fairs and shows, hauling heavy wood pieces from place to place. Our slow but steady growth over the last 3 years has yielded a solid base of repeat clients amidst our 1,300 followers on Facebook, 750+ on Instagram, and steadily growing following on TikTok.

Additionally, we’ve created nearly 2,000 pieces with love for hundreds of our amazing clients, delivering to states across the country.

Each piece is created with care, attention, and most importantly, love. Knowing that each piece will hold a special place in someone's home or serve as a gift for a loved one, we are honored and grateful for the opportunity to create for others. We are eager to spread the word and expand our business so we can bring joy and beauty to as many people as possible.

Find us, post a review, and check out our other projects we’ve done:


  • Facebook: Murphy Wood Art

  • Instagram: @MurphyWoodArt and @magsdmartwork

  • TikTok: @MurphyWoodArt

Gratefully Yours,

Kevin and Margaret Murphy

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