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A Year Later...

In March 2020, Kevin and I started collaborating on some wood projects. As I saw a chance to learn something new and translate my skills to wood. Just as things were shutting down due to the pandemic, one business dried up, and another was born. With time suddenly open in my schedule and a whole lot of nervous energy to burn, on March 14th, I stocked up on more art supplies and began experimenting with painted wood and mixed media pieces featuring crushed glass. I shyly dipped my toe in, posting a few pieces here and there amidst Kevin’s growing business (I guess I rode his overall tails!). Some sold; some didn’t, but I was hooked.

We rebranded as Murphy Wood Art on March 19, 2020, not realizing what would unfold. With the support of friends, family, and our awesome clients who trusted us with commissions and helped us spread the word, we have grown and stretched beyond anything we imagined.

A year later, we’ve created over 300 pieces all the while homeschooling our kids, trying to stay sane, and maintaining a sense of humor amidst insane circumstances. There have been follies, foibles, splinters, spills, creative differences, and a whole lot of sawdust, but our kids see us hustling, happy, and pivoting as needed.

When we put together the photos for the new website, it struck us how much we’ve created in the haze of the last few months, and it seems surreal. We are blessed and lucky to have found some success doing something we truly enjoy, and we hope we’ve brought some joy to our clients during a really tough year.

Happy Murphy Wood Art-iversary!

*Special thanks to Deb Allen and Caroline Voigt for helping us establish our brand and online presence.

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