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Points of Quality

Customer Service

While we do create and stock items driven by our own creative passions, more often, we often collaborate with our clients on custom pieces, consulting with them on style choices and sharing process photos along the way.  As a result, no two pieces are exactly alike.  If there are any problems or issues, we are here to help and amend.  If something is not as it should be, we can work with clients to ensure their satisfaction.


Materials & Finishes

For our wood products, we strive to use a variety of real wood, including pine, oak, and cherry.  While the grain and movement of real wood presents challenges, the finished piece shows off the beauty and character of a real wood piece.  We use high quality paints, stains, and finishes and buy from local stores whenever possible.   To showcase the beauty and unique character of the piece, as well as to provide long lasting protection, we use high-end water and oil-based polyurethane.

The Little Things

We finish both sides of our pieces, so they look as good coming out of the package, as they do on your wall.   Neatness counts.  Mounting hardware is included for easy hanging.  We use protective packaging when shipping, so it arrives in perfect condition. We take pride in our work and that means taking care of the little things, even if we’re the only ones who will notice.


We pay attention to the fronts and backs, sanding, burning, and poly'ing both sides of each piece.


Many of our clients have come back to us for additional pieces after seeing what we can do, and much of our business comes from referrals.  We value the ongoing relationships we form with our clients and add a personal touch whenever possible.  When you buy from us, you’re not dealing with machines; you’re dealing with the people who hand-craft your items and can address any concerns.  We value our customers’ trust and work hard to earn their business.  We love working with our clients to bring their visions to fruition and make them part of "Murphy Wood Art."

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